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Getting started:

One hour meeting to ask questions, gather information, and allow you to decide if a Doula is good for you. Your birth is a very intimate time you will allow a Doula to share, so it is essential that you are comfortable with her. A list of interview questions, other Doulas, and references are provided at your request.

Two & 1/2 hour meeting in which you go over your fears/desires/hopes for your labor and birth with a check sheet provided by your Doula. This tool acts as a communications format between you and your primary care provider and as a navigational tool for your Doula

Two & 1/2 hour meeting called a "DRY RUN". What it is like to labor at home and the hospital. You will practice several pain management techniques and coping skills. You will practice several pushing positions for birthing with and without an epidural. You will go over when to call your Doula and specific signs of labor and its progression.

Your Doula is available by phone to check in with after visits to your healthcare provider, should you have questions, or just talk about how you feel. You are to call your doula whenever you feel you might be having signs of labor, so plans can be made.

DOCTOR'S VISIT- I will accompany you to one doctor's visit, to introduce myself, and provide information on doulas.

After the birth of your baby, your doula remains with you to help ensure bonding, and breastfeeding if desired.(usually 2hrs.)

Your Doula writes a Birthday Card addressed to the baby about the birth. This offers an opportunity for closure and discussion of your feelings about your birth.
-If at that time you were happy with the services you received, you may pay the balance of the fee, if not, it is yours to keep.


*400.00 retainer fee, to hold the two week time period of your due date.
*150.00 due at follow up, if services were satisfactory.
ALWAYS CALL,payment plans,can be worked out,and bartering has been done for valuable services.
(An additional travel fee will be charged for distances greater then 35 miles away/ *100.00 per 15 miles)

Postpartum rates: *20.00 an hour if I was also used
for labor,
*25.oo an hour if hired for pospartum only.

Extended Post Partum Service :
Let me help you ease into parenthood. I'll give you my care and support during the sometimes difficult first weeks with your new baby. I'll also help with breastfeeding through education, unconditional support, and extensive resources for help if it becomes necessary.
Let me help get your meals, care for your other children, catch up on laundry or just run errands. Desperately in need of a nap?
Let me be your extra pair of hands and warm heart to care for your new baby.
In home postpartum services are available according to individual needs.
Helping to continue the breastfeeding process, and mother-baby bonding are the main focus. As special needs arise they are also addressed.


Overnight stay (help with night feeds or tend to older children so you can rest)