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These web sites will direct you to more information reguarding doulas in general, how to find a doula in your area, and childbirth education

Helpful Sites
DONA Doulas Of North America is an organization that certifies Doulas, gives referals for Doulas in your area, and has a store with many books and helpful products.
Doulas Of Tarrant County is the link for Doulas Of Tarrant County(DOTC), where you will find information concerning ongoing community service.
CAPPA More information on birth professionals, postpartum,childbirth education, how to find help, or become certified.
The Doula Network/ The doula Network, give a large list of doulas throughout the nation, and is a site FULL of helpful information,and links.
DOULAWORLD A great resource to find doulas in your area, and ratings on those doulas.